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Nick Pileggi, talented author/screen writer is one of my favorite people. On the square, hard working, and a man of his word. When Nick set out to write his book "Casino" he interviewed hundreds of people, reviewed court proceedings, transcripts, television news footage and such. Most of the information he published is right on target. However, all books are flawed, including the original Testament.

While Director Extraordinaire Martin Scorcese was on target with the visual representation of "Las Vegas" during that era, many scenes from the movie version do capture a relative degree of accuracy, while others should be categorized under dramatic license. My two top level Casino Executives, Marty Jacobs and Murray Ehrenberg were consultants to Universal Pictures and played an integral role in the development of factual content included in the film. Bob De Niro, a stellar artist and actor's actor, insisted that his entire wardrobe come from the same manufacturers that I dealt with to maintain the utmost in realism of how it was. As with all films fact or fiction, there is a certain amount of "Hollywood" that takes place. One prime example is, I DID NOT JUGGLE on my television show! While some of the timelines are askew, and events portrayed in the film were written for "The Big Screen", the film "Casino" gives it's audience a fact based snapshot of events and people behind the scenes from the "Good Old Days" in Las Vegas.

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Aces HIGH. A genius at work. From "Raging Bull" to "Godfather II, Bob De Niro continues to display his extraordinary talent across Planet Earth. Recognized as one of the all time great artists of the screen the "Ace" can switch from killer to comedian or a brilliant casino wizard who becomes dazzled by the beauty of Sharon Stone in the hit movie "Casino"

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Beauty, Brains & Talent. Hollywood screen star Sharon Stone has it all. Sharon's beauty is simply drop dead gorgeous.Cerebral: how about an IQ of 154, and a member of Mensa. Talent; she captured the Ace, Robert De Niro in Universal Pictures Casino What else could a guy ask for? "Better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all." Sharon has broken many a heart including the Ace. Awesome Sharon Stone, and it's okay to fantasize!

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Robert De Niro as Sam "Ace" Rothstein in "Casino" (1995)

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Love & Honor in Las Vegas. The stunning National Bestseller from the New York Times. The character name was fictional, but the man wasn't. Award wining Author Nicholas Pileggi, based him on real-life gangster Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, who ran the Stardust, Fremont, Hacienda and Marina casinos through the 1970s and into the mid '80s.